Parking Barrier, Parking Management, Parking Guidance


Working Voltage 220V AC 50Hz /110V AC 60Hz
Motor Power 120W
Working Temperature -35℃ to 50℃
Protection Level IP65
Barrier open and close time
Straight arm barrier / folder arm barrier

Smart parking management system​

The parking lot management system uses the card, ticket or license plate to identify the vehicles entering and exiting the parking lot in real time, such as permit/rejection, guidance, recording, charging, release and other intelligent management. Effectively control the access of vehicles and personnel. Record the data in detail and calculate the amount of the charge automatically. Achieve safety management of on-site vehicles and charges.


  1. Max monitors 3 spaces (same side)
  2. Only one camera (one side)
  3. Communication interface: RJ45
  4. Hand in hand networking Max 13 pcs
  5. Camera resolution: 2,000,000 pixels
  6. Rated voltage: DC24V