We provide High grade LED Lighting for industrial and commercial use.

Main features:

High pressure die-cast aluminium alloy housing LED shoebox light suitable for billboard advertising, road lighting and area lighting.

✔️ 120×50°,145×100°,150×70°,Type II-M,III,IV,V

✔️ Black/Grey housing color

✔️ NEMA socket available

✔️ 30W-300W power range

✔️ 5 Years Warranty

Main features:

LED flood light are ultimate replacement light fixtures. Suitable for sport area lighting, high bay lighting, tunnel lighting etc.

✔️100° adjustable bracket

✔️25°,40°,60°,90°,145×100°,Type V

✔️Die-cast aluminum housing

✔️CB CE ROHS certificate

✔️30W-500W power range

✔️5 Years Warranty

Main features:

High bay light series from 100W-240W. Genius Classic outlook design with excellent system efficiency up to 165lm/w.

✔️Pluggable sensor available


✔️Slim and lightweight body

✔️CE ROHS IP65 IK10 Certificate

✔️100W-240W power range

✔️5 Years Warranty

Main features:

V18 LED stadium lamp is a patented Fin heat sink design product,with high efficiency LED,various of beam angle for different professional sports court lighting application.

✔️270° adjustable bracket

✔️10°,15°,24°,36°, 60°,90°,30×45°

✔️Independent module design

✔️CE ROHS IP66 IK10 certificate

✔️1500W-1800W power range

✔️5 Years Warranty